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Computer Doesn't Recognize ANY DVD Writer/reader

Cant Use My CD/DVD Drives

Why Does It Say I Have A "BD-drive" On My Laptop?

DVD ROM Not Working

Seagate 2TB External Drive Not Recognized

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Dvd Rom Problem!

DVD Drive Not Running Install Files.

DVD+RW Not Recognized As Valid Disc

Windows Explorer Stopped Showing USB Drive Labels

DVD Drive Not Working

Seagate Drive Not Available

How To Install Window 7 If Dvd Rom Not Working

SanDisk USB Flash Drive Dosen't Disply Properly In Disk Management

Computer Unable To Detect USB Flash Drive

DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized In Windows Or BIOS

Suddenly Getting Code 32 On Both Optical Drives

Windows7 Can't See My External HD. Linux Can.

Second Internal Drive Not Showing Up

Drive Not Listed In Defragmenter Schedule

Problem With External Drive Showing But Can't Acess Under

Computer Not Reconizing Usb Dvd Writer

Windows 7 And Dvdrw Trouble

CD/DVD Drives Not Showing Up

USB Drives Stopped Working On Build 7000

DVD Drive Problem

Windows Explorer Does Not See My RAID 0

HD External Drive Doesn't Show Up

Dvd-blueray Righter/hard Drive Dissappear From System

Windows 7 Dont Detect External HD

Problem With DVD/CD-ROM

LG DVD Drive And Windows 7 - Wake Up Problems

Dvd-Rom Drive Not Recognized

Windows 7 Does Not Recognize My External HDD

CD Not Being Read By W7

Problem With Reading Drives

DVD/CD Drive Will Not Start

USB Drives Not Displayed

Disc Drive Not Working

Flash Drives & External Drives Won't Install

CD/DVD No Longer Detected

Cd Rom Drive Is Not Showing

LG BD-RE Drive Not Showing BD Discs

[Help] LG Drive Doesn't Detect CD!

One Problem With Two Sandisk Drives

HardDrive USB Is No Longer Working

Windows 7 Stopped Reading Thumb Drives And SD Ram Cards

Kingston USB Drive 32gb Don't Works At All

Usb Disk Problem With My Pc

Problem Finding Drive In Computer

IDE Optical Drives Not Working In Windows 7

Windows 7 Recongizes Usb But Doesn't See XP Files

DVD Drive Not Displaying

CDs Not Recognised

How Do I Reformat A HDD That W7 Doesn't Recognize?

Fix To CD-DVD Not Recognized (explained)

My CD Drive Won't Read Any CDs Or DVDs

Window 7 Is Not Picking HDD As USB

A Hard Disk Could Not Be Found. I Don't Know What To Do From Here.

Driver For DVD Not Recognized By Windows 7

All USB Devices Lose Power When Loading Recovery Media

Cannot Find Optical Drive

External Drive Doesn't Work After Latest Updates

DVD Drive Not Being Detected By Win 7 Ultimate

Install Disc Doesn't See USB-Stick As Drive

SONY DVD RW Not Working (I Deleted Some Registry)

Segate Usb External Drive Not Detected At Startup

DVD Drive Worked

Driver Install Problem - USB Stick And USB Ext HD

Optical Drive Not Functioning

Computer Doesnt See My Flash Drive Any More?

Installation Disc Not Recognised

Seagate 2TB Hard Drive Not Responding

Disc Drive Not Loading On HP

Windows 7 Not Allowing Me To Use My USB

Windows 7 Wont Recognize Or Execute Files On (D): Drive Only

Pendrive Not Being Detected - Please Help

Sata Drive Not Showing Up

Thumb Drive Not Recognized In Two Of Three Ports

ESATA Hard Drive Not Detected

Brand New External Drive Not Showing Up (not Even In Disk Management!)

USB Volume Isn't Being Read By Windows Properly

Dvd Drive Not Showing After Windows 7 Installed

Cd/dvd Rom Drive Missing In Device Manager And My Computer

DVD/CD Drive Not Showing On Computer Nor Disk Management

2nd Disk Drive Not Showing Up

DVD Drive Not Recognized

My CDRW Is Not Detected

Problem With DVD-ROM

Upgrade Problems From Vista.no Optical Drive Detected

8Gb Flash Stick Not Seen. Help!

Dvd Drive Not Shown In Disk Management

Windows Only Sees Part Of External USB Drive.

External Hard Drive Not Recognised Following Windows Update

New Build Isn't Reading From USB Drive

W-7 Ultimate Not Recognizing The MS System Disc It Was Loaded From

BD-ROM Drive Not Being Checked At Boot-up!

CD-DVD Rw Will Not Auto Run (register Seems Corrupt)

CD/DVD Drive Not Showing Up

Cd/dvd Player Not Detecting Cd Or Dvd

Laptop DVD External Enclosure Not Working Properly

Windows 7 To Be Sold On USB Drives ?

DVD Rom Not Working! Help !

Why My DVD/CD-ROM Is Not Working

BD-RE Drive Not Reading Discs

Drive Not Seen In Computer

Usb Drive Doesnt Appear In My Computer?

USB Storage Device Not Being Detected

PC Not Recognizes Any USB Pendrive

Is My HD Toast? Windows Is Having Trouble Recognizing It.

DVD Drive Not Found Or Working.

Dvd Not Recognize

Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize My External HDD

Unable To Find CD Rom In Windows 7

CD Rom Not Working Properly

External Drive Not Working After Format

Win 7 Sees 2 Optical Drives (E: & F:) Where There Is Only One

Windows Does Not Detect Any External Media.

How Do I Load A Recovery Disc If My PC Can't See The CD/DVD Drives?

DVD ROM Drive Stopped Working

Pocket Drive Comes Up When Starting Win 7

DVD/CD Win 7 Drivers Missing Or Corrupted

Help CD-DVD Not Working

USB Flash Drive Is Identified As A Hard Disk Drive

CD Drive Not Recognizing Any CD.

Cd/dvd Writer Not Working

External HDD Detected But Doesn't Show Up In Explorer

DVD Drive Found But Not Driver Model Nor.

CD/DVD Drive Not Reading

2 GB Kingstone USB Pen Drive Is Suddenly Not Being Recognized.

My ADATA USB FlashDrive Is No Longer Detected By A Computer.

Win7 Cannot Recognised My FAT32 Harddisk?

Flash Drive Not Recognized

Usb Stick Detection Problem

Unable To See Empty Drives In Explorer

DVD Read/Write Quit Working

CD/DVD Driver Problems.

Large External HDDs Not Always Recognized; Time-out Issue?

DVD Drive Not Shown Under Windows Explorer

Windows 7 Cannot Read Usb Flash Drives

I Need A Driver For My CD Drive

W7 Will Not Recognize My Music Partition

USB Not Recognized By Any Computer Anymore

USB Flash Drive Not Recognized

Win 7 Doesn't Assign Drive Letter With 2nd Western Dig Elements Drive

External USBdrive Not Reachable Only Discoverable

Problem With Seagate Expansion Drive Not Recognised

Seagate ESata Drive Not Recognised By Win7 - Solved

Mapped Drive Not In Sync

Notebook Not Detecting DVD Drive

USB Storage Drives Not Recognized

DVD Drive Not Detected

USB Connected External Drive Not Showing

Missing USB Drivers?

CD Drive Not Recognized After Reboot?

CDs/DVDs Not Recognized

CD/DVD Not Reconized

Strange Problem With DVDROM Unit

External HDD Not Detected In Bios And Cannot Access In W7

All USB Devices Disappeared From System ?

DVD Writer Not Working

Problem With DVD RW Drive

Problem With The DVD-RAM After Installing Windows 7

CD/DVD Drive *Help*

W7 Tip - Missing External USB Drives

My Computer Doesn't Recognized My Usb And Not Listed On The Devicemngr

DVD ROM Problem

CD And DVD Not Working

Windows 7 Will Not Read Data On USB Drive

Optical Drive Not Working

DVD Drive Not Working Or Showing Up In Explorer. Help!

Windows Wont Detect Portable Harddisk

Usb 2.0 Divers But Cant Find

An Issue With DVD/CD-Rom Drive

External Hard Drive Not Detecting In Windows 7

DVD Drives Displayed As Cd Drives In 'my Computer'

Windows 7 Not Recognizing My External HDD

External Drive Not Available

Disk On Keys Not Recognized

DVD/CD Device Not Reading Media/Bad Block

Un-repairable STOP: 7B Error Following Using A Faulty USB Drive

Windows 7 Says No Dvd Cd Drive Detected

Problem With External Drive Not Showing Up

Contents Of CD/DVD Not Visible In Windows Explorer

USB Drives Detected But Not Shown In Computer

Part Of Drive Not There

Flash Drive Recognition By Different Computers Is Not The Same

Dvd And Cd Rom Drives Not Recognized

USB Cant See Anywhere

Problems With Dvd Drive

Why Does Windows 7 Find It Troublesome Accessing An External HD?

Please Help. Cd Drive Problems.


Windows 7 Can't Detect My External Hard Drive

CD/DVD Drive Can Read But Not Write

My HP Pendrive Not Getting Detected

CD Drives Missing From Windows Explorer

Windows 7 Will And Will Not Recognise USB Flash Drives

CD/DVD-Rom Drivers Disabled After Compatibility Mode

DVD Drive - Detected

Cannot Read USB Stick - Tricky Fix

Thumb Drive Detected In Windows

CDRW & DVDRW Not Working

My Laptop Suddenly Does Not Recognize My DVD/CD Drive?

Can I Make USB Drive Open Windows Explorer View?

System Not Seeing My External Drives ?

Can't Access Flash Drives Or External Hard Drive

New Seagate Expansion External Drive Not Showing Up In 'My Computer'

External Usb Drives And Win 7 Discovery/connection Issues

External USB Drive Won't Start In 7

Malfunctioning Optical Drive

Windows 7 Will Not Let Me Access My 3TB External HDD Anymore :(

CD-ROM Driver Error

USB Memory Stick Not Visible

External Drive Not Cooperating

USB Flash Drive Not Being Detected With Windows 7

My Laptop Won't Detect My External Drive- Please Help

Computer Showing Discs I Don't Have.

Win 7 Doesn't "See" USB Drive That Was Old Computer C-Drive

Unable To Recognize USB Flash Drives (All)

DVD-RW Not Shown In My Computer

Cd Drive Not Showing Up. HELP!

CD/DVD Drive Not Working

Drive Not Available In List Of Drives At Backup.

It's EXPLORER.EXE Not Finding USB Drives

DVD-ROM Not Working

Cannot See The Addresses For My USB Ports.

External Hard Drive Not Recognized In ESATA

I Cant Recognize My DVD Drive How Can I Do?

Laptop Doesn't Display The Pen Drive!

My Computer Doesnt See DVD In Drive But Can Still Acces

CD Drive Not Being Detected.

Disk Drive Not Showing Up

DvD Problem

CDRom No Longer Recognized.

Dvd/cd-rom Problem!

USB Flash Drive Does Not Recognize Anymore By Windows

My Windows 7 Home Premium Cannot Detect My Cd

My Problem With My Cd/dvd Drive

Cd-Drive Problem

Problems Trying To A Program From A CD

Search Through USB Storage Device Without Knowing The Partition Letter

7 Can't See LG DVD Drive

DVD Not Working

Thumb Drive Not Recognized

My Reliance USB Stick Makes The System To Crash

D: Drive Not Detected

Can Hear USB Connect But Can't See It

DVD ROM Drive Not Working

My Pc Not Recognising USB Flash Drives

DVD Drive Is Not Working!

USB Drive Not Detected

How Tell Win7 Stop Pooling My USB External Drive

External Harddrive Not Appearing

Drive Not Showing In My Computer

The Cleanly Installed Windows 7 Is Not Reading My External Hard Drive

Windows 7 Won't Read My External HD. Format Only.

External USB Drive Not Being Seen When Connected To Motherboard

CD/DVD Drive Not Being Recognized

DVD Drives Not Being Picked Up

USB Thumb Drives Not Recognised (not Drive Letter)

Help! DVD Drive Not Working

My Machine Doesn't Recognize Some USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drive Not Detected.pls Help!

500GB Hardrive Not Showing Up

Buffalo HD-PET640U2/R-EU External HDD Not Recognised

DVD/CD Driver Problem

Fat32 Not Recognised

Computer Not Recognizing My Hdd Or Dvd Burner

Win7 Does Not Recognize External HDD Please Help!

DVD Drive Not Visable

Flash Drive Doesn't Work

Windows 7 DVD Will Not Load

Windows 7 Not Consistently Recognizing Optical Drives And External HD

Removeable Disk Drive Not Showing Up

Problem With Usb Drives/ports Showing In Explorer

USB Thumb Drive Not Working Properly

Can't Access USB Devices On My Pc

Help With Windows 7 Not Recognizing Burner

USB External Drive / Peripherals Issues

Lost USB Recognition - Help

Windows 7 Wont Read Ext. Hdd But Xp Can ?

Interesting Problem With Optical Drive In Windows 7

Usb External Drive Not Found - But Thumbdrive Is

Problems With USB Not Recognizing Anything But Disk Drives

External DVD Burner No Longer Being Detected!

Win7 Does Not Recognize My 1TB HDD ? Help.

External Hard Drive Not Recognised In Windows 7

New PC Won't Detect External HDD/USB's

Brand New USB 3.0 Flash Drive Not Recognisable

PC Will Nor Recognize My DVD

External Hard Drive Problem In Windows 7

Cd Rom Refuse To Read Software

Usb 2.0 Drive Not Detected In Win7 Laptop But Show In Other Computers

Internal Dvd Drive Not Detected.

Laptop DVD Drive: Not Recognising Media

Two CD Drives Are Gone

External Hard Drive Not Working With Windows 7

Can't Access Thumb Drive In Windows 7 Pro

My Flash Drive Doesn't Show On My Computer

Flash Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer.

External Drive Cannot Be Accessed In Windows 7

Format External Hard Drive That Wont Show Up In My Computer

Windows7 Fried My Portable Hdd!

Portable USB Drive Not Working. Please Help!

Newly Bought Kingston 3.0 Flash Drive Stops At Times

Windows CDROM Not Regognized On Computer

Windows 7: External Hard Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer

CD/DVD Disc Drive Not Working

Audio CD And DVD Not Recognised.

Unable To Access DVD/CD Drive

Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize My External Hard Drive

USB Flash Drive Not Showing Up When Plugged In

DVD Drive Does Not Recognise Install Disks

Windows Explorer Displays My DVD RW Drive As A CD Drive

BOTH My Usb Hdd's Have Stopped Working On Windows 7

Usb Not Recognized (flash Drives And Externals Only)

No External HDDs Functional On Laptop (USB Thumb Drives OK)

Old Western Digital IDE Not Assigned Drive Letter But Is Recognized

Removable USB Drive Not Recognized

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