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No Sound In Windows 7 After BSOD

No Sound At All For Inspiron E1705 With Windows 7

Realtek Audio Headphone Issue

Google Chrome No Sound

Audio Files Don't Play But Other Sounds Do.

New MSI Mobo With Realtek Sound Not Working

Problem With Realtek And Headphones

No Sound After New Videocard Installation.

Realtek HD Audio Manager Not There/problem With Headset

No Sound On Acer AL1716


No Flash Audio - Windows Sounds Work

No Sound

External Drive To Tv HD No Sound

Sound Card Isn't Working

Loss Of Monitor Sound Via HDMI

No Video Sound In Chrome

No Sound Coming From Speakers

TV Audio Just Stopped Working.

No Sound In Windows 7

No Sound At All!

Problem Sound (ALC880) + DVD LG

No Sound In Razer Tiamat 2.2

No Sound After W7 Install - Soundmax Card

Have No Sound At All

Sound Has Disappeared?

No Sound On Youtube

Help With Default Playback Issue

No Sound Through The HDMI Cable

No Sound While Using Usb Modem On Win7 Professional 64 Bit Machine

The Sound Has Mysteriously Stopped Working On My Pc

No Sound From Mov Files With Win7 64bit

Analog Sound Is Not Working(probably After Multiple Power Outages)

Suddenly Sound Gone From Laptop O.o

No Sound On Hdmi

No Sound Windows Media Player And Vlc

No Sound After Installing New Graphics Card

Windows Doesnt Detect When I Unplug My Headphones

Help With Choppy Sound From Older Wav Files?

No Sound Or System Sounds Working

No Sound

No Dvd Audio Via Hdmi

Sound Got Reset?

No Sound At All.

No Sound With Proper Configuration

No Windows Sounds

W7 Does Not Play Any Sounds. Need Help.

No Sound Coming From My Laptop

Sound Suddenly Stopped Working

No Sound Win7

.MTS Files No Sound

S/PDIF Optical Out - No Sound From Receiver (onboard And Sound Card)

No Sound With Some Apps

Audio Files Not Playing

Sounds Works Except For One Program

Cannot Get Sound On My TV

No Sound

Audio Not Working

No Sound! PLEASE Help!

HDMI Monitor No Speakers-no Sound From Anywhere When Connected?

No Audio On My New PC

My Sound Is Working

Sound Doesn't Work :-/

No Sound

No Sound After Upgrading To Win 7

Installed Nvidia GT 430 = No Sound

Realtek HD Audio - No Sound Through Speakers \ Headphones

No Sound In Word

Still No Sound With Realtek

No Sound Through Headphones

Computer Has No Sound

Suddenly No Sound!

No Sound When Online In Firefox And IE9

Unable To Hear Songs(mp3) And Youtube ( Any Videos) In My PC

No Sound On HDMI Out

No Sound In Flash Or HTML5

No Sound

I Am Puzzeled By My PC's Sound System. Help!

Sound Not Playing Through Speakers

No Sound When Playing A DVD Movie

Windows 7 No Sounds

No Sound!

For The Life Of Me I Cannot Get Audio To Work

No Sound From External Speakers

No Sound On PC With GT 520 Graphic Card

No Sound - Compaq Laptop/ Build 7100 (64-Bit)

System Is Beautiful But Sound Card Kill Me :(

How Do I Fix Having No Sound In My Broswers?

No Sound

No Sound After RAM Upgrade

No Sounds In Web Browsers

No Sound

No Sound Once Graphics Card Is Installed

No Sound Over HDMI From Pc To Tv Galaxy Gf 8800 Gt

Toughbook Sound

My Laptop Sound Sometimes Disappears

Sound Is Some How Disabled For Some Programs

Weird Sound Issue

Youtube No Sound In Firefox

No Sound From Headphones

Realtek Audio Windows 7 No Sound

No Audio From Aspire 5742z

No Sound Please Help

IE11 No Audio On Youtube Or Vimeo Etc. Chrome/FF Ok. What Gives?

No Sound -- But Only On One Particular Site

No Sound. Period.

Sound Worked Yesterday But Today It Dosen't.

Suddenly Lost Volume From You-Tube.

No Sound On M2ts File From Blueray Played On Wmp

No Sound In IE 9 When I Load My Homepage.

Sound Not Working Anymore!

Win 7 Upgrade And Sound Issues

No Sound From Onboard Audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

No Audio In YouTube With Explorer 11. Firefox Works Just Fine

No Sound - Realtek HD Audio

No Sound Fox News Web Site

Sound Doesn't Work

NVidia Install Disables Start-up Sound

No Sound Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Acer Aspire 7738G

I Lost Sound And Need Help

Sound Trouble

No Luck Getting Sound Out Of My Box

No You Tube Audio

Sound Doesn't Work On Windows

Sound Stopped Working

Onboard Sound Issue With New PC Build

Sound Man/media Player Video No Sound

No Sound Through SPDIF On Auzentec X-Plosion 7.1

New Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 Has Disabled My Sound.

No Sound When Burning Avi To Dvd.

Problem With My Sound

Sound And Flash Issues?

No Sound When Connecting With Usb Modem

No Sound Over HDMI To Hdtv

No Audio Off Internet Videos?

Help No Sound

ASUS Motherboard - Detects Headphones But No Sound

Audio Problems

Not Receiving Any Sound

No Sound

Sound Now Not Working

No Sound - Help Please!

Asus X72VR Sound Card Problems

No Sound Through Tv Via Hdmi

Sound Occasionally Doesn't Work (Win7x64Ultimate)

No Sound On New Pc

Sound Only Works In One Application

No Sound When Waking PC From Sleep.

No Sound Coming From Speakers/headphones

No Sound Nice Pack?

Problem With Audio And Video In Win7

No Sound From External Speakers Or Headphones

Lost Sound After Dismantling PC

No Sound On W7

Sound Will Not Work!

Suddently No Sound From Windows 7

No Sound. Help! [Realtek HD]

No Audio On Videos

Problems With My Creative Sound Card.

How To Fix Audio Problem In WIN 7

No Sound From Movie/card/w/e

No Sound After Win7 Installation

No Sound With Custom Win 7 Install

No Sound At All

No Sound On Alienware M9700 Win 7 Pro

No Sound On Startup !

Playing Sound Will Just Suddenly Go Silent Unless I Press Volume/mute

Problems With My SoundCard . Help Please !

No Sound "Audio Output Device Not Installed".

No Sound From Speakers With Onboard Audio

Can't Get The Sound To Work On A New System

My Laptop Has Sound But Isn't Playing Music - Help!

No Sound Z170 Sabertooth And Realtek

No Sound With Windows 7 Home Prem. X64 On Acer Aspire 5742G

Sound Isn't Working Anymore.

PC To TV No Sound

My Winodws 7 Doesn't Have Any Sound

No Sound In WMP 12 - Sometimes

No Sound From Internet

Sound No Longer Works

Need HelpAudio Problem

No Sound After Reinstall Except Through HDMI

No Sound Via SB Audigy LS Through Amp. Headphones Work Fine.

No Sound Coming From Laptop

Sound Help

No Sound

No Sound With Onboard Audio

No Sound From Inegrated Audio

No Sound To HiFi Speakers When HDMI Cable Connected

New Laptop -- No Audio

Windows 7 To HDtv Through HDMI Not Working

No Sound On YouTube In Chrome (only)

Win7 No Sound

Regular Sound Muting Issue

No Sound In Media Players

No Sound On Recordings' Playback - Clip Recorded On This PC!

No Speaker Volume Control With HDMI Monitor

No Sound! Help Please.

Sound Stopped Working ?!

No Sound From Media Player

No Sound In My Lap-top

No Sound In Windows

No Sound After Windows 7 !

2x Volume Mixer Appearing

No Sound At All

No Audio!

No Sound In Google Chrome

Sound/Gaming Issue

My Sound Doesn't Work No Longer

No Sound

Still Having NO SOUND After Upgrade And Want Clean Install Maybe BIOS

No Sound Driver?

No Sound Through 5.1s. Only Headphones

RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound

No Sound For My Events

No Sound From Headphones

No Sound Meter On Screen

No Sound When Playing DVDs In Media Player

MP3 Files - No Audio Output With Some Software

My Sound Quit Working In Minesweeper (Windows 7)

All Soud Stopped Working

Sound Card Issue

No Sound Or Internet

No Sound At All?

No Sound After RAM Upgrade - Windows 7 64-Bit

No Sound When Playing DVD

New Windows7 System-no Sound

No Sound Through Hdmi Connection

HDMI Enabled But No Sound


Have Sound

No Sound Windows Seven Ultimate X64 Soundblaster/onboar

Everything Is Plugged In Except There Is No Sound Comming

No Sound And Flash Plays Jerk-ish In All Browsers.

I Can Get No Sound

No Sound In New Computer

Sound Stops

No Volume

Browser Google Chroome - No Sound

Cant Install Iiyama Drivers After Switching Gfx Card

No Sound After Installing Graphics Driver

Suddenly No Sound

No Sound Through HDMI

Sound Isn't Working

Sound Disappears!

Unusual Problem: No Sound Bar For Headset And Unable To Configure Them

Google Chrome - No Audio With Flash Player

Stuttering Sound + Sound Mixer "System Settings" Flashing In And Out

No Sound On DVD Playback

Problem With Permissions After Killing Beagle

Realtek Hd Problem.headphones Work As Speakers.

Is My Graphic Card Gone? (Sapphire Radeon HD 5570)

My Windows Suddenly Stops.

Sound Not Working. Dont Know What Happend. Help!

No Sound After After New Motherboard Installed

Have Video But No Audio

No Sound In Windows 7

Startup System Sound Stopped Playing.

My Sound Doesn't Work?

Problem With My Sound

Audio Devices Undetected. Headphones Or Speakers Give No Sound

No Audio At All

No Sound On Asus A8V-XE

No Sound Through Earplugs

YouTube Audio Suddenly Missing

Changed Sound Card - Now No System Sound?

No Sound From The Headsets

No Sound On Remote Desktop For Win XPe Client With Win 7 Host

No Sound With Realtek HD Audio Manager

No Sound Through PC Speakers But Headphones Working - Acer Aspire 5336

No Sound On Windows 7

No Sound When Headset Is Plugged In

Sound Suddenly Not Working (and Flash Videos Choppy)

No Sound When I Plugged In Micromax Modem

No Sound On Computer?

Sound On Music Files But Not On Videos

I Have No Audio

No Sound Output On Tv Through Hdmi ?

Gigabyte HDMI Output To Yamaha Receiver - No Sound Output

No Sound Vai Hdmi On ATI 5750

No Sound On Utube Videos

Website Sound Not Working In Win 7

Muted/uninstalled Realtek Hd Audio Manager But Still Get Static Popnoi

No Sound Via HDMI On My TV

No Sound From HDAD

I Need Help With 7 Sounds

No Audio?

No Audio Through Monitor Speakers Via HDMI

No Sound Via HDMI On Monitor Speakers?!?!

Window 7 Audio Not Working Please Help !

Headphones Registered No Sound

No Sound Need Help

IE11 - No Sound

No Sound When Connected To TV

No Audio When Starting Some Applications First

No Sound From Speakers Or Headphones

No Sound After Win 7 Upgrade

No Sound From Speaker Or Headphone

Sound Disappeared With Ie10

Onkyo 608 HDMI Sound Issue

Midis Sometimes Don't Play Properly


Realtek HD Audio/Motherboard Not Recognizing Any Audio Devices.

Audio Problems In Web Browsers

No Sound With Audigy 2 Sound Card?

No Sound On Dell Latitude D600

No Sound Windows 7 Upgrade From Vista

No Sound In Firefox Watching Videos

Youtube And ITunes Sound Problem.

No Sound In Win7

Realtek HDMI+NVIDIA Vc=No Sound

My Sound Problem

On Some Sites

Reinstalled Windows 7 > No Sound > BSOD After Audio Driver Install

No Audio In Any Browsers In Win7

Problems With New Sound Card

Audio Problem

No Sound EXCEPT Through Media Player; Creative X-fi Fatality

No Sound On My Desktop

Sound Stopped Working Completely

No Sound Again. Help Me.

No Sound From My Laptop

Internet Sound Problems

No Sound S/PDIF

Sound Wont Work.

I Have No Sound When My Laptop Is On Battery Power

No Sounds Or Music In Games

Sound System Not Working

No Sound. Please Help!

No Audio On 2nd Display

No Sound In Dual Booted Windows 7

Sound Come And Go

I Am Having A Sound Card Issue

No Audio Help.

No Sound After Upgrade To Win 7 = ?

No HDMI Audio Signal

No Sound From Speakers But Audio Playing

No Sound Issue

Some Programes Stop My Audio

Sound Does Not Work Since Updated To Win7

No Sound From Audio Programs?

Sound Gone

No Sound In Firefox

Computer Detects My Headset But Sound Doesn't Play Through It?!

No Sound In Headsets

No Sound After Instalation Windows 7

Realtek HD - No Sound

Audio Cd Plays But No Sound In Win7-64

Never Sound In Media Player

Spdif Output Not Working Properly

No Sound Realtek Hd

No Windows Sounds

No Sound With WIn 7 & Ggigabyte 7n400 /Pro/L

Need Help My Sound Stop Working How To Fix?

No Sound At All On Asus P5WD2 Premium

No Audio

No Sound Coming Out

Hdmi Cable To LG Tv No Audio

No Sound Realtek

Internet Sound No Longer Works On Some Sites

Speakers; No Sound

Sound To TV Has Stopped

No Sound Playing

Computer Does Not Output Any Audio.

No Sound For Youtube In Firefox But Opera Browser Plays The Youtube

No Headphone Sound

No Sound In Office Programs

No Sound After Headphones Plugged In

Lack Of Audio Since Installing Win7. Why?

No Sound With SLi Setup

No Sound After Booting (sometimes)

No Sound On Dell GX 620

Nvidia Driver No Longer Works. Graphics Card Broke?

No Sound In Seven Or XP

Open App And Sound Goes To 5%

No Sound In Headphones

Baffling Audio Problem In Chrome

Sound Lost After Latest NVIDIA Update

No Audio From Realtek Audio Manager

Windows Do Not Play Any Media Files (you Can Hear Sounds Though.)

Windows Sounds Suddenly Stop

No Sound On My Computer

No Sound In Audio

NO Sound Whatsoever With Realtek AC'97 And SPDIF Output

No Audio When Burning DVDs With Windows DVD Maker

Bought A New Radeon HD 4350

Laptop Starts Up With No Sound

No Sound On Computer. Suddenly. Startup Sounds Play.

No Audio

How Do I Fix Having No Sound In My Browsers?

No Sound From My PC Through My TV.

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