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Downgrade From Win7 Issues

BSoD Windows 7 64 Bit /w .dmp; Need Debugging.

Will Most XP Programs Be Compatiable With Windows 7?

Any Way To View Details Of Programs Crashing Like In Vista?

Corrupt System Files After Image Restore

Pc BSOD Randomly

Windows 10 + 7 Dual Boot Problem

Shutdown Takes A While After Screen Turns Off

Many Diffrent Bsod

Problem Installing Shortcuts To Start Menu After Formating

Windows 7 Issues I Have Encountered So Far

Second Monitor Connected By HDMI To DVI Shows Black Screen

PC Freezing And BSOD

Win7/Itunes Problems

Need Sound To Come Out Through 2 Devices At The Same Time

Can Not Shutdown - Among Other Problems

Slow Boot. Several .sys Files Take Long Time To Load.

Computer Not Upgrading To Windows 10 Because Of Activation Problem

Bitlocker Drive Encryption On A Raid 0 Partition

BSOD Ntoskrnl.exe+6f880 When Installing/downloading Games

Office 2003 Causing Windows Update Error

Removing The Power Button From Welcome Screen

Desktop Flickers

Windows 7 Wifi Can't Connect

Windows 7 Email Set Up

System Sound Issue

Random BSOD With Different Errors

Multiple BSOD Error Messages

BSOD Just Got In In Morning

2-3 Consecutive BSOD On Start-up. HELP

Win7 X64 Hangs On Boot (last Driver Amdkmdfd.sys) Or Lags/BSOD

New PC Windows 7 64 Bit

Windows Slow Internet

Intermittent Hanging With No CPU Usage But 100% HDD

BSOD & Frequent Freezes

Re-Installing O/S: Do I Lose Programs Such As WORD?

Windows 7 Randomly Crashing After Upgrade

Desktop Shortcut Icons Showing Up As Missing Images

Windows 10 Tried To 'Upgrade' My PC All By Itself!

Want Side By Side Views Of Folders On Taskbar

No Longer Have Administrative Rights To The System.

Speakers To Headphones Shortcut

Multiple BSOD And Reboot Error

TASKBAR Doe Not Work Properly

GWX Windows Update

Internet Connexion Problems Using Ethernet And Wifi

Outlook 2010/Windows 7 : New Program Windows Do Not Pop Up In Front

BSOD + Does Not Boot

Getting Random BSOD Errors

Random System Lockups

Special PPPoE Connection Window

Using 2 Sound Cards At Once For Different Streams

Any Luck With ScanSnap S510?

Homegroup And Sharing Problem

How To Fix My Admin Problem?

Question About Upgrading(latest Build) And My Data

Does WIN 7 Emit Chime Alerts?

How To Know What Caused Windows To Crash

Windows 8 Is So Ugly

Pc Crashed

Momentary Freeze Followed By The Removable Hardware Sound.

BSOD Random Cannot Find The Error

Product Activation On A Replacement PC

Windows 7 Stability With Antivirus

How Do I Fix Error Message: 0xc0000024 During Windows Boot?

BSOD Crashes Randomly

Disabling Tiny Peek At Open Window(s) In Taskbar

Bsod Downloading In Utorrent

Backup Skip File Error: Code 0x80070002 And 0x8100002F

What Does Win 10 Update Do?

Infinite Loop At Boot After Win 10 Install & Attempt To Return To Win7

Help Me Do A Thing With My Windows?

Windows 10 Dell Laptop Will Not Factory Reset

Windows Cannot Detect Display.with A Twist.

Need Help With CBS.LOG Issue

Issues With Memory And Computer Randomly Being Restarted When I Wakeup

Problems Dragging Full Screen Browser Windows

Cpu 100% Ram Around 50%

Do Windows 7 User Settings Get "aliased" After An Upgrade?

New Install Help

Taskbar Windows Preview

Could Pinned Apps Act As Quick Launch

New User Account Problem

How Do I Boot Windows 7 X64 With 2 Different Memory Configurations?

Unmovable Files On External Hard Drive


Activation Problems

Random BSOD Woes

The Text Under My Icons Changed To Script? How Do I Change It Back?

Windows 7 Pro - Starts Up With Wingdings As The Default Font

Missing 4GB Of Physical And Virtual Memory

Toolbar At Top Screen - NOT Taskbar

Add A Network Drive To 'Libraries?'

Where Is My Search Function To Search My Computer?

Very Slow Install And Other Problems

Automatic Updating Issues Driving Me Nuts

Best Way To Analyze Dmp Files

Blocked Key

Remove Profile Picture From Login Screen?

Start Menu Issue

I Can't Get To Option To Add User

Bsod Event Id 41 Category 63

Long Standing USB Port Problem

Program Crashes And BSODS :(

Windows Defender With Norton Or McAFee ?

Windows 10 Upgrade Installation Via DVD Without Booting Into Windows 7

Problems With Webcam - Will Graphics Card Upgrade Help?

Windows7 Lite Usb Bootable?

BSOD Atikmpag.sys 0x00000116 Now And Then

Blue Screen Drivers_irql_not_less_or_equal

Lost External Display After Upgrading

Black Boxes Instead Of Desktop Icons

BSOD And Random Crashes

Cannot Update Windows 7 Without Being Forced To Download Windows 10

New Laptop Battery Messes Up Date/time

Taskbar Permanent Preview Of Window

Upgrading Help

Crash Problem With New Laptop And 7


Innaccurate Resolution Displays On My Computer

Its Back Nvlddmkm.sys Crash

UAC Prompt Doesn't Show; It's Hidden And Unclickeable! :(

CSR Bluetooth Chip -- Bluetooth Settings Not Working

Can't Scan Window To Capture Text.

Random BSOD's For About A Month Now.

BSOD's And Random Crashes - Looking For Reasons

No Permission For Minidump Files Windows 7?even Admin

Permissions Are Not Working - Can't Run Any Programs?

Removing Glass Effect And Blur From Taksbar?

BSOD 0x00000109

Uxstyle Doesn't Love Me

Bsod Ntoskrnl.exe Page_fault_in_non_paged_area

Partition Manager. Primary Boot Partition As Secondary Drive.

How Many Are Going Back To Vista Or XP?

Win7 Audio Dampening

How Can I Get Windows Update To Stop Rebooting A Laptop?

Deleting Unwanted Partition

Dual Display Issue (maybe Simple Sol'n)

Is There A New Win10 Upgrade Update?

Windows 9 Redundant Already?

Endless Reboot Loop / Chkdsk. Safe Mode Fails To Load.

Defrag C: -w -v Worked On Vista?

Speed Up Loading Folder With Lots Of Images

High Cpu And Memory Usage

Cannot Access Accounts Other Then The Built-in Administrator

Windows 7 Roll Back Updates After Reboot

Bootup Takes 30+ Minutes

Minitool Partition Wizard Made My D Partitioned Drive Disappear

New Microsoft Update


System Keeps Hanging When Playing Music

My Default Choices Won't Stay Changed.

Folders And Files Not Showing Up Until Refreshed

Can I Switch Off The Taskbar?

Intermittent Popping/crackling Noise During Audio Playback

Items Do Not Show As Deleted Until I Manually Refresh

Downlaoding/Updating Games Causes Performance Loss

Distorted Screen After Re-installation Of Windows

How To Stick With Windows 7 And Not Be Forced To Windows 10?

Administrator Problem

My Computer Either Freezes

Failing On Windows Update KB27773072 (error Code 0x8024200D)

UAC Popup Sound

BSOD / Freezing

My Dual Boot Setup Has The Boot Mgr On The Wrong Drive

Random BSODs Out Of Nowhere

Windows Startup.wav Doesn't Work/play.

BSOD After ~10-40 Mins In Windows

Did I Solve The "wake-up" Pc Problem?

Windows 10 Downgrade Bug

Installation Problems.

Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Problem

File Explorer: Bad Hehavior When Trying To Resize Columns (4K Monitor)

Does Windows 7 Receive Forced Updates?

Reinstallation Problems

Windows 7 Home Disk No Auto Load

CPU And Memory Usage At 100%

Windows Not Loading After Update

Windows 7 Annoying Pop Up Installer Wont Go Away

How To Get Windows 10 Icons On Windows 7?

Hard Drive First Not Booting Windows

Should I Uninstall Microsoft Live Before Upgrading?

Can You Reformat A HD And Reinstall Windows 7 Using The Same Key?

BSOD After Installing Sopcast And A Couple Of Other Apps Over The Week

Windows 10 And Windows 7 Dual Boot Question

Logon Screen Problems

Concerned About Getting New SSD 60 GB

New Icons Location In Desktop

MsMpEng.exe Consuming Too Much Memory

Taskbar Transparency.

BSOD While Downloading Torrents No Matter Torrent Client

BSOD Random Event

Pre-upgrade Of Hardware & Change To Win 7

PC Hanging Forever Prior To Password Entry

4.1 Surround Sound Help

Bringing Windows Out Of Sleep Crashing Issues

Win 7 64 Bit Shut Down

LifeCam 3.0 Can't Install; Tried Everything

BSOD Loading Netflix/Flash App

Install Ssd And Keep All Programs Without A Reinstall Of Windows

The Overall Loudness/volume Decrease When Windows Is Re-install!

How To Get Rid Of That Windows 10 Nag And Update

How To Get Rid Of That Windows 10 Nag And Update

Win 7 Hibernates Immediately When Plugging Off

Monitor Has Gone Dim And Won't Snap Out Of It

Error Loading Windows When Setting Up Dual Boot

Print Queue Question

Just Upgraded - No Sound

Windows Explorer Folders Gone Wonky

[Freeze]Application Broke Windows

Changing Default User Data Folders During Install

Randon BSOD Error 0x0000001e

Xbox 360 Controller Chatpad For Windows

Windows Automatic Start After Put In Sleep!

Cant Share Files

Lockups And Freezes Error-11

Account User ID Log In Window

Alt+shift Will Not Change Language For Standard User

PC Freezes Randomly With No BSOD

BAD_POOL_HEADER BSOD (and I Suck With Computers)

Hard Drive Speed/windows Shutdown

New User Needs Help; Numerous Issues With Windows 7

Disabling Windows Sounds

Windows 16835 .copying/moving Files

Wireless Driver Issues

How I Enable Full Clear Glass Transparency For Taskbar!

Can't See My Vista Partition From Windows 7.

PC Hanging Or BSOD Occuring Daily

Selected Items In Windows Explorer Do Not Appear Highlighted -

Windows 7 64 Bit Only Detecting 2gb Of Ram?

Reading Registry Problem


Explorer Keeps Refreshing Every 3 To 5 Minutes.

Bsod And Freezing When Downloading File

WinRE.wim Problem. Please Help.

Hide User From User Management In Control Panel

Still Lost And Confused On Backing Up System And Programs Files

Win 7 X64 On New Pc

Non-BSOD Screen/Sound Freeze

How To Change The Taskbar Clock Without Affecting The File Properties

Windows 10 Won't Download

UTorrent Causing BSOD - Windows 7 64bit

Dual Booting Error

How To Fix (revert Back) Win 7 In "Choices OS" Menu

Missing 1 Gig Of Ram?

BSOD On Resume From Hibernation

Computer BSOD Randomly

I Can't Choose Folder For Background Slide Show

Startup And Shutdown Are Slow

Windows Install Failt On Dual Sock ( Physical Cpu's )

Win 7 Takes 20-25 Seconds To Start

Free Upgrade To 7 ?

Is Win 10 Not Very Good?

Start Menu Problem

What Antivirus Do You Use On Windows 7?

Audio For Realtek High Definition Speaker Suddenly Loud And Distorted

BSOD Help (Uploaded My Last Dumps)

Constant BSOD's On New System

Personal Files Missing From Backup

Running Downloaded .exe Files Causes Laptop To Freeze/crash

Deleting An "important" But Unwanted Window's Update Alert?

Laptop Stops Operating Often After Windows 7 Install

Cannot Boot To Windows DVD After Crash

Help Me! My Laptop Can Not Hibernate.

Win10/win7 Start

Windows Slow Shutting Down-restart After Installing HP Drivers.

Problem Taskbar's Toolbars Is Missing!

Random BSOD Happening On My New Laptop

Difference Between WAIK & Windows PE

Windows Mail And Win 7 Mailto:

Random Freezes & Frequent BSOD

BSODs With Different Error Codes

Unable To Share Custom Libraries

Windows Flashing. ?

Problem With No User Account

Autohide Doesn't Deactivate

Booting Hangs Infinitely At "windows Loading"

Win 7 BSOD With Inserted SD Card

Quick Question: New Video Card Installation And Reactivation?

Drivers Different From Beta?

Re-installation & Activation Key Swap-out

Google Chrome Website Pin To Taskbar Error After Delete History

Pictures Folder Problem ='[ ( Enter For More Info. )

BSOD: Suspect Cause Is In SD Card Reader

Upgrade Problem?

Switch To Desktop

Customizing Layout When Hovering/L-clicking Win Explorer In Taskbar

BSOD While Dowloading Anything Via UTorrent.

Desperately Need Help! Removed Linux And Now Can't Boot!

Homegroup Password Setup Problem

Windows 7: Change Colors Of These 2 Visual Style Items?

BSOD - Brand New Laptop Rebuilt With Provided Set Of Drivers

Change Snipping Tool Default Save Location

Turn Off Display > Ethernet Connection Disconnected

Turn Off Display > Ethernet Connection Disconnected

Item In Startup Not Running At Boot Time

How To Rearrange Hard Disk Partitions?

New Boot Drive. Help Confirming Boot Drive Is Running Windows.

Can You Turn UAC Off For A Specific Program?

A Week Ago My RAM Usage Got Very High And Is Crashing My PC

How To Stop Windows 10 From Downloading And Installing

Shutting Down Into Hibernate Takes More Then 3 Minutes.

Ntoskrnl.exe Missing Or Corrupt Message.

Clean Install Using Update Disk Worked Perfectly

Hide Empty Drives In The Computer Folder Not Working

BSOD When Running UTorrent

HD Audio Stereo And S/PDIF Simultaneous Output?

Random BSOD And System Crashes


Apps Lose Focus After 5s. Can't Type.

View Update History Page Is Completely Blank!

System Restarts When Hibernate

Windows 10 Messed Up My Computer

Losing Start Button

Authentec Finger Print Doesn't "read" Problem

Waking From Suspend For Unknown Reason

Win7 X64 BSODs - Dell L501X - Full Diagnostics

Homegroup Help

Stopping Programs From Changing My Default Application?

Windows 7 Realtek Sound Disappears After Restarting Pc

Two Different Sound Streams Out Of Seperate Outputs

Windows 10: Best Guess As To When Avail. ?

BSOD When Downloading Torrent With Utorrent

BSOD When Using UTorrent Or Bittorrent

Program To Track CPU/RAM/hard Drive Usage Over Time?

Help On UAC Softwares

Cant Format E Drive Old Copy Of Windows Seems Stuck On It


Re-Arranging Order Of Partitions In Disk Management

Dual Windows

Welcome Screen Default Language

BSOD Randomly

System Protection Strange

I Did Not Start My Computer After Installing Win 7

For Those That Are Still Not Sure About Windows 8

The New Taskbar?

Can't Install New MS Windows

Windows 7 Wifi And Performances

Is There A Method To Keep Taskbar Icons Center Always?

Random BSODS With Different Bsod Codes

Factory Settings Restore Failed

BSOD Within 5 Minutes Of Startup

Random Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power BSOD

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Problem And Speaker Static

Moving Installed Software

Re: A Windows Activate Problem

Taskbar Stuck

Upgrade To 7

Upgrade Install Problem

AMD Radeon? HD 7640G Graphics Drivers Not Working?

BSOD At Random Times During General Use.

Windows 7 Pro Suddenly De-activated

WU Fixed But Random Shut-downs And Standby Not Resuming?

Logitech Web Cam Won't Work For Windows &

PC Crashing Due To Drivers?

Win 7 Won't Boot Past Starting Windows

Not Allowing Driver For Any Wifi Adapter

OEM And Retail Hash Different?

Dual Boot Not RUn

Win 10 - Where Is It ?

I Miss The Recovery Partition & Graphic Problem After Installing Wind

How To Display A Folder Icon In The Windows' Preview Pane?

BSOD - Random Freeze's

Random Freeze/Crash

Slow Boot And Black Screen - Explanation

Download But Not Install Windows 10

Space Below Custom Tool Bars On Taskbar

Random BSOD Crashes And Restarts

BSOD After (about) 5minutes In Windows.

Backup Complete HDD With Synctoy? Errors

I Want A Start Screen For Windows 7

Problem With Auto-hide Taskbar

Screen Saver Issues

Both "System Reserved" And "C" Partition Cloned To External HDD: Boot?

BSOD Running Different Software < Iastor.sys > 0x000000d1

Remove Running Programs From The Taskbar.

Win 7 Build Upgrade Recomended?

Windows7.Any Reason Not To Install On Main Comp?

Seperating And Locking Taskbar Icons.

Problems Installing.

How Can I Do A Clean Erase Of My SSD To Clean Install Windows 7?

Windows 7 FPP; Activation No.of Times Limit? Online Act. Blocked?

Installed Nvidia 1070-now Win7 Hangs At Login Screen-frozen Keyboard

I Have Some Serious Problem With My Desktop Display

Issues W/ "Documents" In Libraries - New Install

Any Way To Add Windows Media Icon To System Tray Please?

SSD Bootup Slowed Way Down Right After "Fixing" Home Network

Cursor Changes Back When Logging On

My PC Freezing Or Apps Crashing

Odd Startup Dialogue

HomeGroups: Settings To Let PC 1 Edit Files On PC 2?

Random Crashes On Freshly Installed Windows 7

Please Help With Driver And RAM Issue

Staticy Sound Output (only Over Realtek Device)

Anyone's Computer Slow Since Update?

Taskbar Right Click? Classic Way?

Worth Trying To Upgrade RTM With PartyPack Ultimate?

Updates Downloaded & Installed Without Permission

Display Dim Not Working :(

How To Only Show Taskbar With Windows Button?

Can't Open Any .exe + Laggy Laptop

Did You Have Any Problem With Installing Win 7?

Post W7 Upgrade To-do's

How To Turn On Wifi Adapter After Resuming From S3 Sleep?

Windows 10 Upgrade Compatibility

Folder And Subfolder Views

Any Way To Get Rid Of Window Border Transition?

I Broke My Logon Screen

Windows Are Black

Itunes New Hardwear Detected Sound.

WiFi Won't Connect After NVidia Ge6200 Install

Taskbar Hangs

Removed "failed Updates" In Win 7 Update History

Programme Alert On Start Up

Focus Problem With Logitech 510 Mouse

Two Installed Harddrives In Safely Remove Hardware List

Start Button Don't Work

Lost Programs

Homegroup Keeps Disappearing

Fresh Install - Large Windows Update Crash

Taskbar Will No Longer AutoHide

Freeze After Automatic Installation Of Updates

Newly Created File Extension Not Displayed In Association List

Taskbar Doesn't Stack When Vertical?

Shortcut Default Icon Always Changing Back To Blank Icon

Bad Image/D3DCOMPILER_43.dl Error In Safari/BF3

Ntoskrnl.exe Problem

Windows Activation Issues

Installation Hang On Clean Install

Audio On Laptop Dragging While Playing Videos And Music

Audio On Laptop Dragging While Playing Videos And Music

What's Wrong With My Taskbar?

Problem Uploading To OneDrive

Windows 7 Cannot Upgrade To Windows 10 Nor Install Updates.

System Bogs Down While Transferring Files

System Bogs Down While Transferring Files

Sound Options In Control Panel Unresponsive

New PC From Mesh BSOD Strikes Back

BSOD Randomly With Stop 0x000000E1

Ding.wav (default Beep) Plays Every 10 Seconds

Computer Wont Go To Sleep

How Can I Manage Disk Partitions?

BSOD Every 15 Mins - Multiple Stop Errors

BSOD I Suspect Flash Player (DM Log Inside)

Repair Install Doesn't Work

Security Permission Problems

How Do I Get My Sony Vaio Z To Switch To External Graphics?

Windows 7 Install KEY Question

Free Msstyle Editor!

3 OS's To Upgrade Maybe

After Rebooting My Computer No Sound Everything Looks Fine In Drivers

Recent Computer Crashes

Cmd Repair With Installation From Iso

Windows 7 Task Bar/Start Button Dont Work! Please Help!

Weekly Back Up To One Drive Of Only New Or Modified Files

Cannot Get My Computer To Use The Drivers For My Printer

BSOD Randomly

BSOD Downloading Torrents

Can't Install Certain Updates

BSOD Ntoskrnl And Something About Pool

Phantom Homegroup User

RC X64 WerFault.exe Errors!

Creating 2 Instances Of The Same Printer In Windows 7

Sound Clips/stutters After Installing Win7

Problem With Snap Feature

In System Upgrade Won't Run

Sharing Issues On Win7 /iphone Port 445

ATI Radeon HD 5700 Update Error!

Gateway Desktop Throws NTOSKRNL.exe Blue Screens

BSOD Dump Archive Attached

BSOD When Downloading Torrents

No Internet After Sleep

How Do I Share A Folder On A Workgroup Without Home Share?

No Sound After Updates

Windows Search Function Not Looking In Downloads?

Transferring Favorities Into Wiindows 7

After Connecting To A Network

Shared Desktop Picture?

IPod "driver" Problems

Laptop BSOD's Regularly

How Do I Turn Off Update Function That Causes "Do Not Turn Off"

Slow Restart

SLOW W7 Network Access

Second HDD Drastically Increases S3 Wake Time

Getting BSOD Randomly For The Past Month

Computer Just Doesn't Want To See Ipod

Randomly Timed BSODs On Newly Upgraded PC

How To Turn White Explorer Window Area Transparent

Lexmark 4300

Screensaver Options

Windows 7 10/10 Support About 2/10

Built-in Disk Defrag Not Running Scheduled Defrags

Upgraded Comp Repeated BSOD

Change PC Hardware After Activation


August Updates Problem

Constant BSOD's While Using Network.

Windows Update Empty

Bluetooth Drivers Issue

Turning Off Automatic Installation Of Drivers?

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